Pharmaceutical Products

Cardio-cerebrovascular Line

Main Products

Plendil (Felodipine Sustained Release Tablets)


Hypertension; Stable angina pectoris

XinHuoSu (Recombinant Human Brain Natriuretic Peptide for Injection)


For intravenous treatment of patients with acute decompensated heart failure with difficulty in breathing during rest or mild activity. NYHA class should be greater than ClassⅡ

Deanxit (Flupentixol and Melitracen Tablets)


  • Mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety
  • Neurasthenia, psychogenic depression, depressive neuroses, masked depression, psychosomatic affections accompanied by anxiety and apathy, menopausal depressions, dysphoria and depression in alcoholics and drug- addicts

Digestion Line

Main Products

Ursofalk (Ursodeoxycholic Acid Capsules)


  • Dissolution of cholesterol gallstones in the gallbladder. The gallstones must be radiolucent, and the gallbladder function must be intact
  • Cholestatic liver disease(e.g. primary biliary cirrhosis)
  • Biliary reflux gastritis

Salofalk (Mesalazine Enteric-coated Tablets, Mesalazine Suppositories, Mesalazine Enemas)

Mesalazine Enteric-coated Tablets

  • Ulcerative colitis: treatment of acute exacerbations and also to prevent recurrence
  • Crohn's disease: treatment of acute exacerbations

Mesalazine Suppositories
For treatment of ulcerative colitis that is limits to the rectum

Mesalazine Enemas
For treatment of acute episodes of ulcerative colitis that is limited to the rectum and sigmoid colon

Bioflor (Saccharomyces Boulardii Sachets)


For treatment of diarrhea in adults and children, and diarrhea symptoms induced by intestinal flora disturbance

Combizym (Oryz-Aspergillus Enzyme And Pancreatin Tablets)


For treatment of dyspepsia caused by reduction of digestive enzymes

Ophthalmology Line

Main Product

Augentropfen Stulln Mono (Esculin and Digitalisglycosides Eye Drops)


  • Senile macula degeneration
  • All forms of asthenopia i.e. symptoms of fatigue of muscular, nervous or accommodative origin

Other Products

Imdur (Isosorbide Mononitrare Sustained Release Tablets)


For the long-term treatment of coronary heart disease, prevention of vasospasm and mixed angina, also for the treatment after myocardial infarction and long-term treatment of chronic heart failure

Elcitonin (Elcatonin Injection)


Pain caused by osteoporosis

Lamisil (Terbinafine Hydrochloride Tablets)


  • Skin, hair fungal infections caused by dermatophytes such as trichophyta (Trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophyte, trichophyton verrucosum, trichophyton tonsurans, trichophyton violaceum ) , microsporum canis and epidermophyton floccosum
  • Only for treatment of skin yeast fungus infections caused by large-area and severe cutaneous fungi infections (tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea pedis, tinea capitis) and Candida (such as Candida albicans). Consider carefully of oral administration when necessary, according to the infection site, seriousness and area
  • Onychomycosis caused by dermatophytes (Filamentous fungi) infection

Yinuoshu (Ambroxol Hydrochloride Injection)


  • Treatment for acute and chronic respiratory diseases with abnormal sputum secretions and expectoration dysfunction, such as acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and bronchial asthma for the treatment of dispelling phlegm
  • Prophylactic treatment of post operative pulmonary complications
  • Treatment of premature infant and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS)

Xidakang (Oral Protein Hydrolysate/ Protein Hydrolysate oral solution)


  • For hypoproteinemia and systemic failure , malnutrition caused by various diseases
  • For burns, fractures and postoperative wound healing

Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesilate Tablets)


For two different types of indications: endocrine system indications and neuro - system indications.

MOVICOL (Macrogol Sodium Potassium Powder)


For the treatment of chronic constipation and faecal impaction.

GanFuLe Tablets


Invigorate the spleen and promote the circulation of vital energy, remove blood stasis and soften the lumps, clear away heat and toxic materials. For stagnation of liver energy and spleen-deficiency symptom manifested as primary cancer with epigastrium mass, hypochondriac pain, fatigue, poor appetite, anorexia, fullness and oppression in the chest and upper abdomen, vexation, dry and bitter tongue. Also for parients suffering hepatitis B and cirrhosis with above symptom as it's effective to normalize the serum index of the fibrosing of the liver

YinLianQingGan Granules


To clear heat and remove toxicity, harmonize the liver and spleen. Used for acute hepatitis A and chronic hepatitis B belonged to patterns of retained dampness and heat as well as liver depression and spleen deficiency with symptoms of hypochondrium pain, gastric stuffiness, torpid intake, lack of strength, etc.


[Prescription drugs] Indications:

Antisepsis and Anti-inflammation. For the treatment of acne, tonsillitis, otitis externa, boils, carbuncle, traumatic infection, burn infection, mastitis, cellulitis, osteomyelitis, etc.

[OTC Class A] Indications:

Antisepsis and Anti-inflammation. For the treatment of acne, tonsillitis, boils.