The Group has proven experiences in the academic promotion of prescription drugs, market access and government affairs. The Group has established a comprehensive, complete, professional and mature academic promotion system consisting of medicine, marketing, sales, commerce, retail, quality management and supply chain management. Over the past two decades, with its compliant, efficient and professional academic promotion system, CMS has established professional brand images and achieved good historical sales records for a number of quality products in China. So far the Group has established close cooperation with dozens of global leading pharmaceutical companies, and been highly recognized by them.

Since 1998, the Group has recruited fresh graduates with bachelor or master degree in Medicine and Pharmacy from medical or pharmaceutical universities in China, and has established a professional promotion team with strong execution through its well-developed internal training system. Meanwhile, some professionals from the management team had medical work experience so they understand the medication patterns of Chinese patients, which enables the Group to develop a precise and effective product promotion strategy and efficiently implement these strategies. As of December 31, 2019, the Group has about 3,100 professional academic-oriented promotion staff.

The Group’s major existing products are branded original and exclusive drugs with high quality and minor side effects. For the year ended 31 December 2019, sales of existing products covered approximately 57,000 hospitals and medical institutions in China. Meanwhile, the major therapeutic departments in Grade-A tertiary hospitals have also been covered. This promotion network will help the Group to achieve synergistic effects with the promotion of innovative products in near future. The Group will continue to optimize its existing academic promotion system, and achieve a novel online academic promotion leveraging digital marketing tools, so as to build a diversified and strong promotion carrier for the Group's products while achieving the sustained growth.