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Core Business

CMS focuses on the two core aspects of the China’s prescription drug industry chain – innovative product R&D and professional academic promotion. The Group has established a rigorous new product evaluation system and a diversified new product portfolio plan. The products promoted by the Group all have the characteristics of high quality standards, exact curative effect, and competitive advantages different from similar products. Therefore, our products have a good historical sales record under the re-positioning, planning and professional academic promotion. At present, the Group mainly distributes and sells 20 drug products, the therapeutic field of which has basically covered the main clinical departments of top tertiary hospitals in China.

The Group has over 20 years experience in pharmaceutical marketing and promotion as well as a professional, stable and experienced management team. Most of the Group's core management team and marketing personnel have undergraduate and master’s education background in medicine and pharmacy, and some of the senior managements have experiences of physician practices. The Group adheres to the academic orientation and provides professional services to doctors and patients in China. Through the professional, pragmatic and executive promotion team carrying out the promotion strategies tailored to characteristics of differentiated products and localized markets to the terminal, thus the Group has created an academic brand image of the drugs. Our promotion network has covered all provinces, cities and most prefecture-level cities in China. As at June 30 2019, the Group’s promotion network covered over 57,000 hospitals and medical institutions.

The Group pays attention to internal management and has an elaborate, transparent, timely and efficient operation and management system. At the same time, it has established a compliance system that is complete, feasible and supports the sustainable development of the Company. With the self-developed ERP system as an effective management tool and adhering to pragmatic, transparent and executive work style, the Group has achieved one of the companies with best cost efficiency in the industry.