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Pharmaceutical Business

Innovative Research

With more than two decades experience in introduction of and investment in global products, CMS has accumulated extensive overseas channel resources and market reputation, and established a unique and systematic product evaluation system. The Group acquires innovative products and technologies through industrial equity investment in innovative R&D companies or strategic cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. The Group has made equity investments in a number of R&D companies from the U.K., France, Switzerland, the U.S., China, etc., and initiated a new model for industrial investment in innovative drugs, achieving combination of complementary advantages and strong alliance to accelerate the R&D and commercialization progress of innovative products. As at 30 June 2021, the Group has more than 20 innovative products with relatively high innovation level, good market potential and competitive differentiation advantages; among them, 9 innovative products are approved for marketing in the U.S. and/or Europe, and the China’s registration clinical trials of 4 innovative products are completed or underway.

Capitalizing on its expert network covering a wide range of departments and its experienced clinical development teams, the Group strictly controls the core clinical processes such as clinical design, patient enrollment, quality control, etc. while cooperating with CROs, so as to achieve efficient and quality progress of clinical development of innovative drugs.

Professional Academic Promotion

The Group has proven experience in market access, academic promotion and government affairs in regard to prescription drugs for more than two decades, and has established a professional, compliant and efficient academic promotion system, with which the Group has built professional brand images and achieved good sales records for a number of quality branded drugs in China. Since 1998, the Group has started the campus recruitment for fresh graduates with bachelor or master degree in Medicine and Pharmacy, and has developed a systematic internal training system to establish a professional and compliant promotion team with strong execution; some professionals from the Group’s management team have medical working experience, understand the medication patterns of Chinese patients, and are able to develop precise product promotion strategies and efficiently implement the strategies.

As at 31 December 2020, Group’s academic promotion network has covered approximately 57,000 hospitals and medical institutions with around 3,300 academic promotion staff in China.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Group’s imported products are produced by entrusted overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers, while some of the domestic products are produced by the Group’s manufacturing plants. The Group has more than two decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and has pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in Hunan, Hebei and Shenzhen, which occupy a total area of approximately 110,000 square meters, and owns Pharmaceutical Production Licenses for various dosage forms and Production Permits for imported drugs sub-packaging. The Group’s rich production experiences as well as its mature quality control system have laid an important foundation for localized preparation manufacturing of some overseas innovative products in China.